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Sensible Products EMF-2 Extendable Magnetic Flashlight with Removable Mirror
TerraLUX TLE-5EX - MiniStar2 Extreme LED Conversion Kit (2AA)
TerraLUX TMM-3 - Magnetic Mount for Worklight
TerraLUX TLH-10 - Headlamp (95 Lumens) This item is obsolete and is no longer available for purchase. 
TerraLUX TLA-H01-NBK - LightStar Holster (Nylon Black)
TerraLUX TLE-6EXB - MiniStar5 6EXB LED Conversion Kit (2-3 Cell)
TerraLUX TLF-3002AA-BK - LightStar300 Flashlight (Titanium Gray)
TerraLUX TLF-3002AA-OR - LightStar300 Flashlight (Hi-Vis Orange)
TerraLUX TLF-802AAA-BK - LightStar80 Flashlight (Titanium Gray)
TerraLUX TLF-802AAA-OR - LightStar80 Flashlight (Hi-Vis Orange)
TerraLUX TLF-TC2AA-RD - LightStar TruColor Flashlight (Red)
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