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The following provides information for users/customers of this site, as well as Allred's Inc. employees:

**Please note: by using this site, you agree to all terms and conditions listed below and understand that Allred's Inc. recommends ALL products listed/purchased from Allred's Inc. and Allreds.net be installed by a Licensed Professional HVAC Installer. Please contact customer service or your salesman for further details and information.

I. Delivery Policy

To allow adequate time to double check for accuracy and safety of delivered orders, and to control delivery costs through the scheduling of time and fuel efficient payloads, Allred's local free daily delivery policy will be to accept weekday delivery orders before 12:00 noon, for same day delivery during the afternoon. Delivery orders received after 12:00 pm will be pulled, staged and double checked the same day as received for delivery during morning hours of the following business weekday. Long distance, weekly free delivery orders will be accepted until 12:00 pm the last business weekday before the scheduled delivery.

*** Please note: There will be a $5.00 minimum order fuel surcharge for delivered orders under $300.00.

Midvale Delivery Schedule:

(Please note that Allred's Inc. reserves the right to change delivery schedules, boundaries, times, parameters and delivery options at any time.)

  • Daily Schedule: Salt Lake Valley, Boutiful, Tooele
  • Long Distance: Park City, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Need a Crane?: Meet crane, or other, for rooftop, etc. as scheduled and able on 48 hour request
  • Branch Transfers: Tuesday through Friday, departs Midvale for Orem at 7:30, departs Midvale for Ogden at 11:00 am
  • Need your Midvale delivery status? Call 801.597.8253, 801.597.3938 or 800.999.5778
  • Click to View the Midvale Delivery Area Map (map shows an approximate delivery area only)

Ogden Delivery Schedule:

(Please note that Allred's Inc. reserves the right to change delivery schedules, boundaries, times, parameters and delivery options at any time.)

  • Daily Schedule: Weber County including Layton & Kaysville (on a as needed basis)
  • Long Distance (as follows below): 
    Monday: Brigham City, Tremonton, Logan
    Wednesday: Brigham City, Tremonton, Logan
    Thursday: Evanston (WY), Rock Springs (WY), Brigham City, Tremonton, Logan
  • Need a Crane?: Meet crane, or other, for rooftop, etc. as scheduled and able on 48 hour request
  • Need your Ogden delivery status? Call 801.682.6105 or 800.234.3857
  • Click to View the Ogden Delivery Area Map (map shows an approximate delivery area only)


Orem Delivery Schedule:

(Please note that Allred's Inc. reserves the right to change delivery schedules, boundaries, times, parameters and delivery options at any time.)

  • Daily Schedule: Utah County
  • Long Distance (as follows below):
    Monday: Price
    Tuesday: Nephi, Delta
    Wednesday: Fairview, Richfield
    Thursday: Heber, Vernal
  • Need a Crane?: Meet crane, or other, for rooftop, etc. as scheduled and able on 48 hour request
  • Need your Orem delivery status? Call 801.592.3420 or 800.333.3962
  • Click to View the Orem Delivery Area Map (map shows an approximate delivery area only)

Logan Delivery Schedule:

(Please note that Allred's Inc. reserves the right to change delivery schedules, boundaries, times, parameters and delivery options at any time.)

  • Daily Schedule: Counties: Cache, Box Elder, Weber, Rich
  • Long Distance: Franklin County, ID
  • Branch Transfers: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Need a Crane? Meet crane, or other, for rooftop, etc. as scheduled and able on 48 hour request
  • Need your Logan delivery status? Call 435.770.8603
  • Click to View the Logan Delivery Area Map (map shows an approximate delivery area only)


II. Dress & Personal Appearance Policy

Your are expected to dress and groom yourself in accordance with conservative social, business, and safety standards, particularly when your job involves dealing with visitors or customers in person. As directed by Allred's President, each branch and department manager is responsible for contributing toward, and implementing reasonable dress and appearance requirements appropriate for the each position.

At minimum dress standards include company provided logo shirts for inside sales, warehouse, delivery and transfer staff. No other shirts are authorized. In addition company logo jackets or sweatshirts are provided during colder weather, for those whose work stations include warehouse or outside work. No other jackets, etc, are authorized. Clean, full length denim pants or slacks, in good repair and conservative style are acceptable.

Office staff may choose between company logo shirts, or casual business business styles of shirts, slacks, skirts, or dresses. Name tags will be provided and required for all staff members.

Athletic style T-shirts, jerseys, shorts, warm-up pants, etc. are not acceptable at any time. Logo style apparel other than Allred's Inc. logo, or logos of products distributed by Allred's are not acceptable. Extreme style attire, such as baggy pants, garish colors, or revealing styles are not appropriate. Clothing with non-business messages, graphics, slogans, etc, are prohibited. Clothing must be clean and in good repair. Holes, gross wear patterns, are inappropriate. Extreme styles of hair, beards, moustaches, or exposed tattoos are also prohibited.

Only full coverage foot ware is approved. Sandals are not approved. Extreme styles of boots, heels, colors, etc, are not approved. Shirts are to be tucked in, accompanied by belts, suspenders, and/or back supports when worn as designed and intended. Caps are optional, and are to be worn as designed, i.e. forward, not sideways or backwards.

Traditional jewelry, worn conservatively as designed and intended is allowed. Except for traditional ear rings, piercing and face, nose, eyebrow, lip, tongue, etc, etc, jewelry is not.

Branch and department managers have the authority to determine appropriate dress and grooming under these general descriptions. If your manager feels your attire or grooming is out of place, you will be advised what corrections are needed, and you will be required to leave the workplace until you comply. You will not be paid for the time you are away from work for this purpose. Repeat violations of this policy will lead to reprimands and discipline which may include warnings, suspension, or dismissal.

III. Freight Policy

Not available at this time.

IV. Price Review & Management Policy

It is Allred's intent to implement pricing policies and practices that strike a fair balance of value between local market pricing for like goods, quantities, services, terms, etc. and that cover our cost of doing business, and provide a reasonable return for our efforts and investments.

To that end our most recent list pricing and terms policies are current as shown in the product catalog portion of our website www.allreds.net. Wholesale discount pricing and terms may be viewed by qualified customers having established a wholesale account and having received a catalog log-in from Allred's Marketing Department.

A review of pricing policies and practices may be requested by customers or staff members via a written request submitted either to sales manager; (Doug Lukins), purchasing manager; (Dave Carson), or pricing manager; (Bob Allred). Requests should contain details of customer(s) or items(s) to be reviewed, as well as suggested change(s), and supporting reasons for same.

The review request may range from one or two items for one or two customers, up to many products for many customers. Reviews will be better received and more likely to be conducted in relation to the degree that specific suggestions regarding "what product(s)? sold to whom? and amount of change requested" are provided. Requests that include comparable recent pricing from competitors will receive priority.

The review process will include an analysis of our current and replacement inventory, expected increases in same, amount of inventory on hand, lead time for replacement, turns of inventory, profitability of past sales, and expected impact on volume of sales if adjustments are made. Adjustments requested for individual or small numbers customers will also include a review of their accounts receivable status.

Results of reviews will range from no adjustments being made, to individual contract pricing for small numbers of products and/or customers, to overall adjustments in matrix pricing for wide ranges of products and/or customers. Adjustments may be time or quantity limited, or permanent, as specified.

Overall, pricing is a complex process. Our intent, stated above, can best be accomplished by careful review and management of the many variables mentioned above. There is not much chance of success to be had from shortcutting this process.



V. Returns & Exchange Policy

Allred's will accept and process exchange and return of merchandise items in compliance with the following conditions:

  • Electrical controls and components will NOT be accepted for exchange or return.
  • Items that have been installed will NOT be accepted for exchange or return.
  • Special order items are NOT returnable without written authorization from original vendor, and will be subject to all return fees and return shipping costs, as verified by final issue of credit from vendor to Allred's.
  • All items returned for exchange and return MUST be accompanied by a customer provided original Allred's pick ticket or invoice, no more than 30 days old.
  • All items returned for exchange or return MUST be in clean, like new condition, in original packaging, and complete with all original installation & operating instructions, warranty information, and all other original documents.

EXCHANGE for "in-store credit to account" of items meeting above conditions, will be accepted from customers holding an Allred's credit or C.O.D. account in good standing. There will be no restocking charge incurred to customers who accept in-store credit to account for their exchange.

Returns of items meeting above conditions, returned for REFUND by all customers with or without an established Allred's account, will be subject to a 10% re-stocking charge. Refund payments will be made in the same manner as the original purchase was paid for. Refunds of cash in amounts exceeding Allred's cash box reserve, will be made by an accounts payable check at the time of the next Allred's accounts payable check run.

Allred's Exchange and Return Policy will be administered by Allred's Store Managers.


VI. Solicitations & Distribution Policy

Solicitation by anyone for any cause not directly related to our regular business, on company property, at any time, is not permitted.

Distribution of non-company materials is prohibited on company property by anyone at any time.

Persons not employed by Allred's are prohibited from soliciting or distributing materials on Company property for any purpose at any time.


VII. Special Order Policy

When special ordering products through Allred's Inc., customers must agree to the terms and conditions as listed on the pick ticket that the products are ordered on; and the pick ticket becomes a binding P.O. between the customer, Allred's Inc. and the manufacturer.

Customer must also agree to these terms:

All special orders will be pre-paid, unless other arrangements are approved.
Special orders are F.O.B. the factory - freight and insurance costs will be added to customer's account.
Special orders are non-cancelable and non-returnable without an approved manufacturer's written return authorization received in advance by Allred's.
Customers will be charged all freight, restocking and handling charges incurred as part of special order return authorization.
Customers are responsible for freight damage and loss claims for shipments made direct to their facility, shop, job site, etc.
Special orders delayed for reasons beyond Allred's control are non-cancelable and non-refundable without manufacturers co-operation.


VIII. Store Hours

Store hours and locations can be viewed under our contact us page here.

IX. Store Manager Job Description

This section is specifically designed for Allred's store managers and is currently unavailable.

X. Substance Abuse Policy

Allred's is committed to providing employees, customers, and the public with a safe workplace and safe business operations. This includes all authorized business activities conducted within our facilities, as well as employee's authorized activities among the public while on company business. Our employees, customers, and the general public, should not be subject to any safety risk arising from any our employee's condition or actions.

Therefore you are expected to be in suitable mental and physical condition while at work, allowing you to perform your job effectively and safely.

Whenever use or abuse of any mood altering substance (such as alcohol or other drugs) interferes with a safe workplace, disciplinary action will be taken. Employees are expected to report to the workplace free of mood or behavior altering substances, and to submit to substance testing when directed by a supervisor.

Possession, sale or use of mood altering substances at the workplace, refusal to submit to testing, or coming to work under the influence of such as indicated by test results or other means, shall be a violation of safe work practices and will be subject to disciplinary action, including possible dismissal.

XI. Tech Services Policy

As of April 1, 2013, there will be a $35.00/hr. charge for tech services and related work performed by our staff. While we are willing to help our customers with their technology-related requests, this is not our normal, day-to-day business. As such, the availability of our staff to perform these services will also be limited. There is absolutely no guarantee or warranty for the work performed by our staff for these services. The customer assumes all responsibility and liability for damage, theft or other losses incurred as a result of work performed by our staff.

The tech services charge will be applied for (but not limited to) the following:

  • Website & Graphic Design (ie: logo creation, business cards, business documents, etc.)
  • Computer Repair Services (ie: cleaning, virus & spyware removal, hardware/software installation, etc.)
  • Computer Building Services (ie: new computer builds, computer assembly, etc.)
  • Purchases Made for Customers by Our Tech Services Staff for Non-HVAC Related Items
    • In situations where a customer asks our tech services department to make a purchase for them, such as for computer parts, software, tools, or other items not directly related to HVAC, the tech services charge will apply.
  • Cell Phone Support (ie: repair, troubleshooting, maintenance, etc.)
    Other Device Related Support: (ie: tablets, laptops, music players, media players, televisions, etc.)

The list above represents only a portion of the services that could be performed by our staff. In general, Allred's recommends that customers first seek licensed companies and professionals to perform these types of services before consulting with our staff. If you have questions or would like to discuss this policy further, please contact a member of our staff.


XII. Terms of Sale


Due to the unpredictable economy and ever-rising cost of doing business, effective June 24th, 2013 a credit card surcharge fee will be applied to all credit card transactions. Please know that we have struggled with this decision and it has been met only through an extensive evaluation of our business practices and careful consideration of the valued relationships that we have with our customers.

The surcharge will apply to the following credit cards:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard Credit
  • Visa Credit

As our customer, we are sensitive to your need to remain competitive and realize the impact that this fee will have on the profitability and success of your business. We continue to provide and encourage various other payment methods, through which this surcharge can be avoided.

  • There is no surcharge for customers that pay with cash.
  • There is no surcharge for customers that pay with a check.
  • There is no surcharge for customers that pay with a debit or gift card.
  • There is no surcharge for customers that have a qualifying terms account with us and pay with one of the methods listed above; in fact, customers can take advantage of a 2% early pay discount (2% 10th Prox) on their account; speak with our credit department if you would like more information about setting up a terms account.

We want to sincerely express our thanks for your understanding and continued support. We remain committed to providing our customers with the best products, services and overall distributor experience in the HVAC industry. We invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience with any questions you may have regarding this change.


Credit Privileges:

Allred's Inc. is a wholesale only distributor serving licensed contractors, service businesses and industrial or governmental entities who have established wholesale accounts. We appreciate the customers we serve who recognize the value of credit and respect it by paying their bills when due. To them, we know that a firm credit policy is helpful in minimizing unfair competition. We welcome new accounts and will extend regular credit terms to them upon verification of reliability through personal and trade references.

A credit application is available from any of our stores or in the Allred's Download Center online. A properly completed application, signed by the owner(s) or officers of your company, including all applicable license information and returned to Allred's Midvale office, will initiate a prompt credit review and response. While credit references are verified, new customers may purchase under Allred's cash purchase options without the need for credit references.

Terms of Sale:

  • Regular Terms of Sale - Early Pay Discount 2% 10th Prox, Net End of Month, Past Due After.

Payment Options:

We currently accept the following payment options:

  • Cash or Check (with proper authorization & approval)
  • Discover, Visa, Mastercard or American Express (credit or debit option)
  • We also set up job accounts and joint check agreement job accounts. Contact our credit department for more information

Invoicing and Monthly Statements:

Invoices are processed and mailed (or e-mailed through the optional E-Documents service) weekly. We normally close our books around the 28th of each month; purchases through that date will be included. Statements of accumulated purchases and credits are mailed (or e-mailed through the optional E-Documents service) on or before the last day of the month.

Each individual invoice will show terms of sale and discount to be earned if paid according to terms. The monthly statement will show a total accumulated discount for all invoices included on that statement. Discounts are earned only when payments are made by the 10th of the month following purchase. To allow for occasional slow mail service, payments which are postmarked by the 10th of the month and received in our offices by the 15th of the month will be considered for discount. Payments received in our office after the 15th of the month will be charged back to the account as unearned and show as short paid and will remain on the account until paid.

Invoices become past due if not paid by the end of the month following purchase. If still unpaid by the 10th day of the second month following purchase, sales can be made only through the Cash Purchase Option (CPO) or credit card options until the account is brought current.

Interest Charges:

Our statement for the month following most recent purchases will show an interest charge of 1.5% per month (18% annually) on any past due amounts. Payments will be applied first to the interest and then the oldest amount owing, so as to keep the account as nearly current as possible.


Due with applicable early pay discount >> Aug. 10th
Due payable net, end of month; past due after >> Aug. 30th
Account past due, CPO option in effect >> Sept. 10th

Interest on past due calculated from Sept. 1st, will be added to the Sept. 30th statement.

We recognize that occasionally an amount may become past due for an unavoidable reason. If this should occur, please call our credit department to advise and discuss. Special terms may be considered.

We hope these frank and objective statements of our credit policies illustrate our sincere interest in providing our customers the best financial services that we are able, and that they will appreciate the necessity of adhering to the stated terms of sale for the business they favor us with.

XIII. Traffic Violations Policy

If you are authorized to operate a Company vehicle in the course of your assigned work, or if you operate your own vehicle in performing your job, you are admonished and expected to obey all traffic regulations and to operate the vehicle in a safe and courteous manner at all times. You will be considered completely responsible for any accidents, fines or traffic violations incurred. If an accident occurs, notify the police immediately, as well as your manager. Cooperate with the investigating officer, and provide insurance information from the insurance I.D. card carried in each Company vehicle. No further statements regarding the cause or fault of the accident should be made.

XIV. Warranty Policy

Allred's Inc. will NOT issue credit on returned warranty parts until credit is issued from the manufacturer. No exceptions. Because manufacturers are occasionally changing warranty policies, the terms listed herein may be subject to change at any time. Please contact one of our locations to verify and confirm your part or equipment to ensure that it is under warranty.

Standard Major Brand Warranty Policies:

  • Rheem:
  • Armstrong:
  • Empire:
  • Etc...

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