Aprilaire 4897

RES 4897
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Aprilaire 4897

RES 4897


Aprilaire 4897 - Adjustable Frame Upgrade Kit for Media Air Cleaners

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Aprilaire 4897 - Adjustable Conversion Frame Upgrade Kit for Competetive Media Air Cleaner Cabinets

The Aprilaire 4897 is used to convert virtually all air cleaner brands that accept a 20" x 25" or 16" x 25" nominal "cake box" cartridge to a new, more efficient and effective Aprilaire filtering media. Please note, this is just the upgrade frame; filtering media is sold separately (see below).

For the Homeowner

Why should you upgrade to Aprilaire? Now your air cleaner can remove particles from the air you breathe using Aprilaire filtering media! Aprilaire has long been known as a leader in air filtration products and they have made this upgrade kit available for virtually all brands of air cleaners in the industry. If your air cleaner is one of the models listed below, you simply need to purchase this coversion frame kit, along with the appropriate filtering media, and you're all set. Once installed, you can begin to enjoy the healthy air and effective filtering benefits of Aprilaire media. Why should you consider upgrading your system to Aprilaire? Here are a few features that might help you make your decision:

  • Buying the kit is a one-time upgrade that improves your air cleaner for a lifetime
  • It's a fast and easy upgrade that will remove more dust mites, more pollen, more pet dander and those tiny particles you can't even see, like smoke and viruses
  • Aprilaire media decreases the amount of contaminants which can cause sinus irritation, allergic reactions and asthma attacks
  • Filtering media that is well-built and correctly designed increases the life of your heating and cooling system and can save you money by helping your system run at peak efficiency
  • The Aprilaire brand has been around since 1938 and isn't going anywhere. They are known in the business as a top leader in indoor air quality, providing customers with products that exceed industry standards and testing procedures

For the Contractor

Why should you offer the Aprilaire upgrade to your customers? Think of it like this: Air cleaner media is an annuity; treat it like an investment in your business. Why not expect 100% media retention... it's real money, start today! Upgrading your customers to Aprilaire helps you make more revenue, reduces your inventory, converts cakebox media to collapsible and allows you to offer your customers a better product. Further, think of these benefits when considering this upgrade and how it could help your business and your customers:

  • Increased Revenue – Patented media keeps consumers from purchasing retail products – “Beat the Big Box!”
  • Consolidate Inventory – Servicing all the various brand of air cleaners requires media from multiple vendors. Consolidate your inventory to one brand/vendor
  • Reduce Damage – Collapsible media is smaller and protected from the damage associated with large, clumsy, cake box designs
  • Improve Air Cleaner Performance – Aprilaire’s Self Seal™ prevents air bypass which is a common problem with cake box designs

How and What to Buy

To upgrade your system, it takes just two easy steps. Follow our guide below and you're on your way to improved air quality and long-lasting benefits of the Aprilaire name.

  • Step One: You'll need this kit (Aprilaire 4897), add it to your cart. It will have the pieces to build your new metal frame cabinet.
  • Step Two: Now that you've built the frame, you need to buy a filter. Follow the cross reference guide below and select the filter that matches your system, 16" x 25" or 20" x 25"
  • Step Three: You're all set - you can now enjoy superior air cleaning performance from Aprilaire!

Competetive Air Cleaner Model Numbers of Cabinets and Media
(Aprilaire Media Upgrade its are designed to fit cakebox with 16" x 25" and 20" x 25" cabinets.)

  • Choose the Aprilaire 613 MERV 13 Filter for the following systems:
    • Carrier Cabinet Part # EZXCAB1016; Media Part # EXPXXFIL0016 and EXPXXFIL0316
    • Honeywell Cabinet Part # F100 16X25; Media Part # FC100A1029
    • Honeywell Cabinet Part # F200 16X25; Media Part # FC200E1029
    • Lennox Cabinet Part # HCC16-28; Media Part # HCF16-10 and HCF16-16
    • Ultravation Cabinet Part # 90-006; Media Part # 91-005
    • General Cabinet Part # MAC1400; Media Part # 5FM1625 (Product #: 4511)
    • Trion Cabinet Part # 455602-119; Media Part # AIR BEAR 1400
  • Choose the Aprilaire 813 MERV 13 Filter for the following systems:
    • Carrier Cabinet Part # EZXCAB1020; Media Part # EXPXXFIL0020 and EXPXXFIL0320
    • Honeywell Cabinet Part # F100 20X25; Media Part # FC100A1037
    • Honeywell Cabinet Part # F200 20X25; Media Part # FC200E1037
    • Lennox Cabinet Part # HCC20-28; Media Part # HCF20-10 and HCF20-16
    • Ultravation Cabinet Part # 90-007; Media Part # 91-006
    • General Cabinet Part # MAC2000; Media Part # 5FM2025 (Product #: 4501)
    • Trion Cabinet Part # 455602-019 and 459200-005; Media Part # AIR BEAR 2000

Should you have any questions about upgrading your system, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service team can help you select the correct filter!

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