MID P127-S

MID P127-S
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MID P127-S

MID P127-S


Midwest P127S - 12" Straight Kush-n-Kote Forged Tinner Snips

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Midwest P127-S - 12" Straight Kush-n-Kote Forged Tinners Snip

Product Application: Straight blade pattern cuts left and right wide curves and power straight cuts.

Tinner Snips: Tinner snips include traditional forged blade models and replaceable blade models. Tinner snips come in a wide range of cutting patterns and capacities for a wide range of materials. Tinner snips feature a wide tip opening that facilitates cutting a wide range of materials. Duckbill or circular pattern tinner snips are suited for tight curves and shapes while straight models cut wide curves.

Kush-n-Kote Tinner Snips: Forged Traditional all purpose tinner snips feature hot drop-forged blades for exceptional strength and edge life. Available in a range of cutting patterns and cutting capacities for cutting sheet metal, vinyl, etc. Kush-n-Kote grips comfort user's hand and provide a non-slip, secure grip.

Product Features:

  • Nominal Length: 12"
  • Cut Length: 3"
  • Cutting Capacity (CR/SS): 20/22

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