MID P6900-L

MID P6900-L
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MID P6900-L

MID P6900-L


Midwest P6900L - Upright Left Cut Aviation Snips

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Midwest P6900-L - Upright (Right Angle) Left Cut Aviation Snip

Product Application: Upright Snip(r) feature right angle blades that make it easy to cut complete circles and tight curves in tight spaces using a push or pull motion. Designed for use with sheet metal and other materials. Patented design improves ergonomics by maintaning wrist range motion and avoiding breaking the wrist when cutting overhead and over shoulder applications.

Aviation: Aviation snips feature compound leverage action for more cutting power with less effort and hot drop forged blades that provide unmatched edge life and strength. Several models and blade patterns are available to meet a wide range of cutting application requirements.

Upright Models: Right angle blades make cutting complete circles easier in tight spaces using a push or pull motion and provide improved ergonomics by maintaining an optimal wrist range motion.

Product Features:

  • Nominal Length: 8-3/4"
  • Cut Length: 1-1/4"
  • Cutting Capacity (CR/SS): 24/28
  • Cuts tight left curves, circles and straight

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