Lux PSD111 - Digital Thermostat

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Lux PSD111 - Digital Thermostat



Lux PSD111 Digital Non-Programmable Single Stage 24V Thermostat

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Lux PSD111 - Double Duty Multi-Positional Heating and Cooling Thermostat:

Thermostat Profile:

Multi-positional, non-programmable digital thermostat for single stage heating and cooling systems.

Thermostat Compatibility:

• Most 24V Heating and A/C Systems
• 1 Stage Heat/1 Stage Cool: Gas, Oil, Electric, or Single Stage Heat Pump Systems
• 2 Wire Heat Only Hydronic Systems (Hot Water Baseboard & Radiator)
• 2 Wire Hydronic Air Handlers
• Millivolt Systems

Thermostat Features:

• Multi Positional – Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
• Electronic Accuracy
• Large, Easy-to-Read Digital Display
• Luxlight® EL (Electro Luminescent) Display
• System or Battery Powered (batteries included)
• Optional Decorative Wall Plate
• 5 or 2 Minute Delay
• Low Battery Indicator
• F / C Temperature Display
• O and B Terminals
• Display Temperature User Calibration
• 3-Year Warranty

Item DescriptionNon-Programmable Thermostats

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