Rheem AP17920 Recirculation Pump Kit

Rheem AP17920 Recirculation Pump Kit
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Rheem AP17920 Recirculation Pump Kit

RHE AP17920


Rheem AP17920 - Recirculation Pump Kit (Timer Based)

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Rheem AP17920 - Recirculation Pump Kit (Timer Based)

Stop waiting for water to heat up and watching money go down the drain. The new Recirculation Pump Kit from Rheem provides immediate hot water using the Tankless water heater controls. A timer setting can be activated to run every so often (for example, every 30 minutes) to keep hot water flowing through the homes pipes and ready when needed.

Built-in functionality on the water heater for two different modes of operation allows the comfort of the Performance mode or save on every costs using the Energy Saving mode. Installation has also been made easier with an internal check valve built into the pump, no external plug to fix into a wall outlet, and no need to install an aqua stat.

Product Specifications:

  • Maximum total pipe length: 400 ft. (3/4" type L copper pipe) or 100 ft. (1/2" type L copper pipe)
  • Extremely durable stainless steel pump casting
  • 3/4" FNPT stainless steel flange fittings
  • Pump wire needs to be plugged directly to water heater using Molex connector

Kit Contains:

  • One (1) Taco® 0015 recirculation pump with internal check valve
  • Two (2) stainless steel flanged and flange gastkets
  • Four (4) 7/16"-4 bolts and nuts
  • One (1) installation instruction sheet

Compatible With:

  • RTG-95DVLN-1
  • RTG-84DVLN-1
  • RTG-64DVLN-1
  • RTG-95XLN-1
  • RTG-84XLN-1
  • RTGH-64XLN-1
  • RTGH-95DVLN-1
  • RTGH-84DVLN-1
  • RTGH-64DVLN-1
  • RTGH-95XLN-1
  • RTGH-84XLN-1
  • RTGH-64XLN-1
  • RTG-95DVLP-1
  • RTG-84DVLP-1
  • RTG-64DVLP-1
  • RTG-95XLP-1
  • RTG-84XLP-1
  • RTGH-64XLP-1
  • RTGH-95DVLP-1
  • RTGH-84DVLP-1
  • RTGH-64DVLP-1
  • RTGH-95XLP-1
  • RTGH-84XLP-1
  • RTGH-64XLP-1

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