Rheem 96612

RHE 96612
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Doucette 96612 Heat Recovery Unit

RHE 96612


Doucette Industries Heat Recovery Unit - R-22/R-410A (R6K-410)

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Doucette Industries Heat Recovery Unit - R-22/R-410A (R6K-410)

Save money on your hot water bills!

Heat recovery units, also known as desuperheaters, utilize the hot refrigerant from when your central air conditioner or heat pump is operating to heat water in a traditional tank water heater for domestic water.  This helps lower the cost of your utility bills for hot water. It also extends the life of the air conditioner or heat pump since the refrigerant entering the compressor is cooler.

The Aquefier Waste Heat Water Heater is connected to a water heater and an air conditioner, heat pump, or refrigeration compressor. A small pump circulates cool water from the bottom of the water heater tank through the heat exchanger. Hot refrigerant gas from the compressor is routed through the gas side of the heat exchanger. It is particularly useful in higher efficiency systems with lower hot gas temperatures. The heated water is returned to the water tank for domestic use. The Aquefier heat recovery unit also reduces the compressor load, which increases compressor efficiency and extends compressor life. Reclaiming waste heat from high compressor discharge temperatures is a proven principle of energy recycling that produces abundant hot water safely and economically. These units will produce 5-7 gallons per hour of hot water (heated 15 F temperature rise) per ton of compressor rating.

Aquefier Heat Recovery Units may be mounted indoors or outdoors. They must be mounted vertically, at a height above the top of the condenser. While normally located outdoors near the air conditioning equipment, they can be located in any convenient place, such as the garage or laundry room; but the refrigerant run should be kept to a minimum.


  • Utilizes hot refrigerant gas from the compressor routed through the gas side of a heat exchanger to supply heated water to the water tank for domestic use
  • Can be connected to a central air conditioner, heat pump, or refrigeration compressor
  • Reduces compressor load, extending compressor life and efficiency
  • 230 Vac wiring for easy connection to compressor contactor
  • Factory wired and preset controls
  • Fully automatic operation
  • High-efficiency, all copper vented double-wall heat exchanger
  • Water lubricated low wattage circulator
  • Grounded electrical circuit
  • Sturdy aluminum cabinet with baked enamel finish for outdoor or indoor use
  • ARL listed appliance, with UL approved models
  • Suitable for use in 1.5 to 5 ton systems

Technical Data » 

  • Size W x H x D (in.): 11 x 18 x 5-5/8
  • Input Voltage (V): 230
  • Input Current (A): 0.40
  • Power Consumption (W): 90
  • Refrigerant Compatibility: HFC - R-410A, HCFC - R-22
  • System Size (tons): 1-1/2 to 5
  • Maximum Refrigerant Pressure (psig): 650
  • Maximum Water Pressure (psig): 125
  • Maximum Water Temperature (F): 220
  • Freeze-Stat Accessory: 50313
  • Pinellas County Installation Kit Accessory: 96668
  • Replacement Water High Limit: L140 (replaced by 50312)
  • Replacement Refrigerant Low Limit: F125
  • Replacement Pump: 52052
  • Universal Installation Fitting (IK-5a): 96660

Replacement History »

  • R6K-HP-410

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